Discipline Without Damage

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Discipline Without Damage
How to Get Your Kids to Behave Without Messing Them Up

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When your child is threatening a meltdown in the grocery aisle, it really is possible to keep your cool, get the behaviour turned around, and support healthy development, all at the same time!

In this easy-to-read, science-based book, parents, caregivers and big people of all kinds will discover how discipline affects children’s development, why intervention should reinforce connection not separation, and why the disciplinary strategies that may have been used on us as children are not the ones that children really need. In addition, you’ll learn:

How the concept of “childhood” has been understood in different ways historically and why we must understand it anew today.

How to work with your children’s teachers and the other big people in their lives.

The basic and impactful truth behind Dr. Vanessa’s mantra “See it, feel it, be it.”

The foundation of a healthy, effective approach to discipline that respects your child’s developmental needs… and works!

As a practicing registered psychologist, advisor to various research programs and community agencies, and through her previous experiences with the BC Ministry for Child and Family Development and the school system, Dr. Vanessa has seen it all and has navigated hundreds of tough situations with families. Drawing on scientific research and a wealth of clinical experience, she shows you how to put out the fire without dampening your child’s spirits; how to correct their behaviour while emphasizing connection; and how to discipline without damage.

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is a registered psychologist who has been supporting families and children for 15 years, both in private practice and through her previous work with the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.


Growing up kids isn’t always easy.
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